about us

We're Adam, David, Mike, Remy,  and Jordan. Five friends with a shared passion for the outdoors and adventure. We always have an awesome time on our adventures, and we love sharing them with you. Over the years we've picked up a few handy skills which help us with that sharing, and we're always trying to learn new ways of improving our content creation. 

Our motto is this; "there's always room for one more at the camp-fire", and that 'one more' is you, from your armchair, your office desk, or  maybe at an event. We have a passion for shared experience and bringing people together, which is why we do what we do (it's also probably why we all worked as bartenders together as students). 


If you're an adventuring content creator too, let's talk, wherever possible we will collaborate to celebrate the thing we're all here for. The Outdoors.  

Working with brands is something we do from time to time and we're open to exploring opportunities with the right brand such as influencer marketing, sponsored content, reviews, and content creation.

email: hello@doahadventures.com 

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