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cadair idris

Overview | 


In typical Dave fashion, when we arrived at the car park to set off for the hills, he discovered that after thoroughly preparing and packing his rucksack the previous night, it was now 260 miles away on his bed. Also, Adam was on heavy medication and mid-recovery from the shingles. Oh and Mike was called a 'Moron' by a passer by, all this aside Cadair Idris was kind to us, perfect for a first hill, or part of an activity weekend.


Transport | 


Driving responsibilities fell to Mike on this trip. If you get an early start it's not actually that bad. A decent passenger-seat DJ is key. 

Cost | £60

Accommodation |


We opted to camp on this trip, pitch fees were extortionate, and Adam & Dave pitched on a drain cover. Showers were good. 

Cost | £ 50 - 70
(can't remember but it was a lot)


Cadair Idris |


Look, this is a very easy going peak, although we've heard that in poor conditions the wind can get really brutal so just keep an eye on the weather. 


Aside from some self inflicted issues, like Dave forgetting his backpack, and Adam being on a prescription of drugs, there was nothing in this walk to give anyone much concern. 


There's a big summit pay-off though (which is something we seldom have  in the UK due to weather), as you reach the top of Cadair Idris, you approach an enormous horse-shoe ridge, looking down onto a lake. 



At the summit we took some time to get some decent shots and messed about with cameras etc. Adam decided he could talk to sheep too (video on our insta for proof). 


When we arrived at the village we were camping at, we were greeted by absolutely no one who wanted us there, we were refused a seat at all the local restaurants, so ended up getting a pizza from the kebab shop and ate it off the top of a bin in the street. in the rain. 


We found a pub where we could sit in the corner and have a drink, which was fine. From nowhere a stag-do of lads our age arrive on the scene, which was awesome, we ended up drinking far too much with those guys, and they made Remy miserable with drinking games. 

"We love to drink with Remy cos Remy is our Mate...." 




That's really where our adventure with Cadair Idris ends, actually apart from one other thing. We learned that Adam can do an impression of Ronny Corbitt, but is limited to the phrase "I eat cheese rolls" (again, video on our insta ). 


Source |

Total Cost | £300 

Fuel, Camping, Pizza, & Beers

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