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Overview | 


Needing to look for a local adventure made us think outside the box; this was an extremely taxing experience, and from what we've found out since, perhaps not entirely legal either. As you may have read in some of our other reports, trespass seems to be a bit of an occupational hazard. 


Transport | 

We drove, for about 20mins. 


Cost | £5


Accommodation | 

Funny story. Adam had recently bought an exceptional tent, one perfect for a windy cold night under the stars; Adam also left this in his garage. So our accommodation was our sleeping bags, and in Dave's case, a tarp that he wrapped around him. This was the worst night of Adam and Daves life. Mike was okay because he has a very decent sleeping bag. 

Cost | £ free* 

*but the emotional price was a heafty one. 


Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Research Facility | 


This has to be on the list for any local urban explorer folks, the whole trip is steeped in historic structures and cold-war mystery. (You know it's abandoned, but is it really?) The trek along the shore is tiresome, and will burn your calves off. 


The first interesting structure you'll come across are these masts, which after some searching on google we think served a purpose in the development of long distance RADAR to monitor USSR activity. 

As the shoreline bends to the right, you'll see an area where the famous but now demolished lighthouse was situated; and from there you're not far at all from the interesting structures, like the one pictured below. 



The Pagodas | 

These strange looking structures were the tip of a research facility iceberg, their design is as such that if an explosion occurred the large concrete lid would collapse in on itself, and the banked shingle would do the same. Aside from aslo being incredibly creepy, they offered some shelter from the elements. 


The Views | 

With the naked eye the Milky Way was clear to see, and as promised by the Mike Wilson Adventure Guarantee, we also saw multiple shooting stars. Another unexpected interesting spot, was the shipping lane lit up to guide container ships into the port of Felixstowe. 

Total Cost | £5 

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