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Overview | 


It had been an unintended hiatus after our epic trek in the Atlas mountains, but two years had passed since then, and with increased parental responsibilities our time, and money, meant that a Welsh one-nighter would give us our adventure fix. 


Transport | 

Adam did the driving (520 mile round trip) and was powered by disappointing flapjacks. 


Cost | £60



Accommodation | 

We stayed at YHA Brecon Beacons, and we tried out one of their land-pods. Which, although small for 4 guys sharing,  was actually pretty awesome.  Great location, if you can throw a stone really far, Pen-y-fan is a stones throw away. 

Cost | £60*

*we can't really remember


Pen-y-fan | 


A very straightforward walk, suitable for most walkers. The most interesting thing was as quickly conditions changed from a pleasant warm day, to very strong wind and poor visibility. Just remember that this is very common on UK peaks, and sure it's not generally an issue, but if you rolled an ankle (or worse) and didn't have appropriate clothing or shelter, your situation could get pretty grim, and pretty quickly too. 

On the summit we met a large group of American tourists, man do they have good teeth. We also crossed paths with a British hen party, their teeth weren't as nice, but they were a laugh nonetheless. 

A cool ridge walk connects pen-y-fan to a neighbouring peak, which I mean, you might as well go for as you're up there anyway! 

A few lakes, pools, and streams dotted the path on the descent. 



Source: National Trust 

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Total Cost | £150 

added some flapjack and beer money

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