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2021, the year of getting sh*t done.

OK. we're not going to dwell on it, what's done is done and the train keeps'a chugging. We're not making any reflective resolutions this year, although having looked back at our 2020 New Year post, a lot of it was very applicable to the year we've just had. Just a shame only 1 person has read it, which was probably Mike proof reading (perseverance is key they say so we plug on).

This year we're putting together a 2021 To-Do list, traditional resolutions are often too loose and vague, and I'm sure like many others we'll want to be able to look back over 2021 and know it was better than 2020. That being said, we've had some genuine highlights over the last year;

- January, experimented with putting a podcast together

- February, we took part in our first ever climbing competition over at Avid Climbing Centre

- June, the website had a total overhaul whilst everyone was busy working from home.

- July, Adam ran 10k for the first time ever.

- August, Adam and Dave popped their skydiving cherries, we had an interview broadcast on BBC Radio Suffolk, and to support What 3 Words promote their #knowexactlywhere campaign we took on a 24 Hour Adventure Challenge

- September, we hiked out and camped at an abandoned nuclear weapons research facility in Suffolk .

Actually, outlining it all like that I cant quite believe what a great year we've had; according to the website analytics through the last year our site visits have increased over 4000% which sounds incredible, but we are starting from a very, very, low baseline.

But that's all history now, and looking forward over the next 12 months here's what we're hoping to do, and this is by no means us saying we actually know how to do these things, so if you want to get involved by all means get in touch.

  1. The Adventurish Podcast

  2. Host an Adventure / Outdoor event

  3. Sponsor a Climbing Competition

  4. Making the most of not being in a lockdown

Next December, looking over this list might be laughable, and we may not have achieved any of it, but, what it will show us, is where our heads were at 12 months ago; which in itself, is a reason to pen your yearly ambitions, regardless of if you end up achieving them or not. So here's to 2021, the year of getting sh*t done.

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