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A few words on Adventure.

What is an adventure? It's a question I have given a lot of thought to over the years. I'm still not yet at a fully put together answer; but so far what I've learned, is that it's an event which leads you to a place you've not previously discovered and has lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. The place discovered, can be emotional, spiritual, but probably more often, physical; but all are equally as valid as each other and in all likelihood intertwined along the way. Importantly, it's a subjective experience. Which is why my son, aged 4, can have an adventure in our local woods but I, well, I'd struggle to. In his world, the woods is full of dangerous animals, and whilst sat on my shoulders, even had some concerns about the Gruffalo.

There are places, both emotional and physical, we - as in, we adventure seekers, crave. They're found just up there on that mountain, just out there of the skydiving hatch, just, just, just, just always moving further and further away.

I've also become convinced that the sharing of your adventures, is just as crucial to the experience as the actual experience; not that I know this, but I'm sure that deep down in our DNA there's an instinct to do just that. What use is it for a caveman to go out on an adventure, only to return in silence. Just as he would have etched images of warnings and waypoints on the cave walls as he explained his ordeal, we now post photos on social media, only, we're missing out on the conversation, the detail, the story.

Scrolling through Instagram, even looking at the most impressive photos, can be very underwhelming, you possibly might 'like' something, and that's it. But I'm sure if my 4 year old son, was to have a conversation with you about his adventure in the woods, you'd be right there with him, "oh really! wow...Gruffalos ehh?, woah that must have been scary"

If the last 18 months has opened my eyes to anything, it's that, yes, our devices, our screens, our virtually connected world, is vitally important, it's an unimaginable magic to anyone who lived just 100 years or so ago. But what is isn't, is a replacement for the human experience, although it feels more and more that it eventually will be.

But this is where us, the adventure seeking lovers of experience, can carry the flame, can share our stories, can inspire our children, our friends, our relatives, and each other.

This is why I can't wait to be hosting Debrief 2022, to learn, to hear incredible stories, to feel inspired by other peoples adventures, no matter how big, or how small. Looking forward to seeing you there, I hope you can make it.

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