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A Peak District Hike | Grindslow Knoll

I had packed my suncream, I didn't need it. With the weather improving recently, and yet to get out on the peaks, I took myself up to Edale for a short solo hike. I hadn't really thought too much about the route I'd be taking, but I have walked along the Kinder plateau a fair amount over the last few years, so figured I'd make my way up, and eventually, make my way back down.


The day begins, of course, as do many a Peak District Hike, at Penny Pot Cafe to stock up on food, and get a much needed caffeine hit. From here I took off in the direction of the beginning of the Pennine Way. A couple of years ago I had taken the same path along to Jacobs Ladder, but after reaching a signpost (giving me some options), I opted to head up to a spot I hadn't been to yet, Grindslow Knoll. Is it just me that get's a bit socially awkward around sheep, they get me on edge, something about those bloody rectangle eyes. Sheep aside, the path comes in hot with some leg burning gradient, and pretty much continues like that until you reach, not a levelling off, but a scramble. Nothing sketchy, actually a really enjoyable, and short, scramble.

A man at the summit of Grindslow Knoll

Just like that, you're up. I had reached Grindslow Knoll in just 30 minutes (because I'm a proper geeza mate).

As you can see, it was overcast, and you can also see my hairline receding into the distance. Honestly though, it was way cooler than I had expected, although being the all-round adventure hero that I am, I obviously had a warm fleece packed. (It's new, and secretly I actually really wanted an excuse to wear it). I found a rock to sit down by to shelter from the wind, and enjoyed a still-warm sausage roll for breakfast. From here, I was able to easily trace a circular route around and back to Edale, the rock formations up there are awesome, I'm sure if you've been up around Kinder you'll know exactly what I mean.

Rock formation in the peak district

View from Nether Tor


In total, I was on my feet for around 3 hours, it was a really straightforward hike, but not dull at all, a really decent path with a lot of varying views to take in, even a couple of waterfalls. Pictured below is the ridgeline this path follows, starting and ending at Edale. A great walk, and one with options too, to either cut into the Kinder Plateau to explore the area, or to follow along in the direction of the reservoir.

A view of Grindslow Knoll

Circular path map

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