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Adventure Activity Resources

Here's a little care package for any parents limping over the line as the new school term (finally) approaches. We've tried and tested these activities with our own children, who are aged between 3 and 6, and, well, Dave. But he's 34. Just like a plaster, it's usually best to peel them away from whatever YT video they're watching (probably either that family who are always jumping about in their pool, a minecraft gamer, or occasionally the over enthusiastic man wearing blue and orange) with great speed. The immediate fall-out can seem catastrophic, but once they get outside and stuck into a project they soon recover.

So to help you out, we've put this end-of-Summer bundle together which should hopefully give you some great ideas on how to spark a passion for the outdoors in your little ones and get them outside and being active until our Autumn Activity Bundle.


# mini beach clean

What is it? Surfers Against Sewage are a marine conservation charity based here in the UK. They have a strong and active following, passionate about many causes. They have some great large scale activities, but here's one which can be done by anyone at anytime. How do we join in? For further details and guidance click here . The drive behind the campaign is to share on social media the positive work you're doing representing your coastline. What do I need? Well, pretty much a bag to put plastic pollution into, and either litter pickers or a decent pair of gloves. There is a brilliant initiative currently running by the BMC called Hills to Oceans where you can register to receive free litter pickers and sturdy collection bags too which are posted out to your home.

Making it more interesting Age dependant obviously, but drawing out a tally chart of the different types of plastic pollution is a great way to embed some maths without them even knowing it.