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Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin - R.I.P

It's always hits hard reading about someone of a similar age to yourself passing away, and sadly that was something we felt when hearing the news of boarder Alex Pullin's death. I always have a feeling of, admiration I suppose, whenever I read or hear about someone who has died doing something on the very edge of human capabilities. It's a poignant moment, because whilst most people are too risk averse to ever enjoy life to the fullest, it seems unfair that for those who do, this is not an uncommon result. I had a similar emotion when discovering Scott Dinsmore had passed away after a serious incident whilst mountain hiking with his wife. Alex was clearly passionate about developing his sport, and the young people coming into it, his inspiration to them will live on for decades to come. RIP Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin

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