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Getting to know Ciera Clayton pt2: The Ultimate Adventure, and a cat called George.

Here in part 2 of our interview with Ciera Clayton, we discover what the 'ultimate adventure' would look like if it was left in her hands to put together. Unleashing the imagination of a person who clearly has a flair with creativity was perhaps not fully appreciated, but, it's a box we've opened and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Oh, and if you didn't catch Part 1, Ciera is the author behind the brilliant children's book, I Want to Climb like the Animals Do! (go and check it out!).


First question on the list: Where are you taking us Ciera?

I am very lucky to have travelled quite a bit over the years, but when I look at the world map it feels like I have not even made a dent. But there is one place that I think might encompass everything I have loved in other countries I have been to and would been my ultimate dream adventure.

We are going to travel to Madagascar. Without any real tourism infrastructure, it seems

to provide a true escape complete with all of the things in life I have come to love; animals, climbing, diving and sheer transcendence. This has been somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time.

In Madagascar there is a mountain range that runs from North to South called Tsaranoro Valley. It has amazing granite peaks and I have seen it referred to as Magascars Yosemite. It also has amazing coral reefs and dive sites- with areas preserved for coral protection and conservation research, with significant international research going on in the area.

On top of this it has rainforests with lush vegetation and some of the worlds most amazing species - 90% of the animal and plant species in Madagascar are endemic, meaning they are not found anywhere else in the world, including the lemurs, which are obviously a favourite of mine!

What a great shout; okay so that's the 'where' taken care of, but who will be joining us? Remember they can be dead or alive, meaningful or outrageous...

Well this trip is going to have a lot packed into it, so I need a variety of people: