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Do you do it alone in the Shower?

The morning shower is a place of refuge, where he sound of CBeebies is literally drowned out by the rushing warm comforting spray falling from above. We don't know what you get up to in this 10 minute window of alone time, but what we do know is it can be a great time to let some ideas flow and let your imagination run away with itself. This is where our idea of #adventuresintheshower came from, funny that, an idea about adventure planning in the shower, happened in the shower. Now, first off, we take absolutely no responsibility for what you might find using the hashtag #adventuresintheshower however after searching it on Twitter, looks like we're safe.

So what is #adventuresintheshower?

It can be easy to overthink your way out of a good idea, there's a limitless number of variables for you to decide to focus on, when really there is only one that matters - Will you do it? You can have all the most amazing adventure plans in the world, but will any of them actually make past the shower curtain?

This is where #adventuresintheshower kicks in. We want you to get those #adventuresintheshower off your chest. Share them with us, share them with the world!

Give us your best #adventuresintheshower!

We want you to submit your best #adventuresintheshower to us so we can test drive them for you, let us figure out all those what-ifs and I-wonders. In a nutshell, if you're having #adventuresintheshower, we want to be part of them! You can submit as many as you like; here are the three, and only, rules: 1. If it takes longer than a tweet to explain, you've probably thought about it too much

2. Must be based in the UK and achievable over a weekend

3. Begin your submission with "In the shower I thought..." and use #adventuresintheshower

For example: "In the shower I thought you guys could climb in every county of England in one weekend" Or maybe:

"In the shower I thought you should split into pairs, race across Wales, then all do a synchronised dance at the end"


Make your Submission HERE (direct) Or HERE (Twitter)

If we choose to take on your #adventuresintheshower it would be awesome to talk to you more, just to make sure we get it right, if you're up for it we could even meet up (on the adventure, not in the shower). Get creative, try to be kind, give us a challenge, and let us be a part of your #adventuresintheshower!

We'll be taking on our first selection in September, get your ideas in and let's make it happen.


An evening bath is equally a good time to get adventure planning, some bubbles, a floating candle perhaps. #adventuresintheeveningbath just didn't seem to have the same zip to it though.

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