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How to use What3Words.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

what3words is the easiest way to talk about any precise location in the world. Every 3m square has been given a unique combination of three words.

It’s more precise than a street address, and easier to remember, use and say than GPS coordinates, grid references or lat, long.

You can find a 3 word address using the free what3words app or online map at It works offline and is available in over 45 languages.

Using the App.

Using what3words is extremely straightforward, the best thing to do would be to download it and have a play around. But these simple steps will get you on your way: 1. Get the App (Obviously) by clicking the image below.

2. It will default to your location, which you can switch between map and satellite view.

3. You'll notice a search bar, and well, here's where you search. Either by entering a w3w address (eg spanner.oven.tree ) or by entering a road name / town etc.

4. Use the photo function , the photo function is a lot of fun, take a snap, and it will augment your w3w address right there on your snap for you to share! (tag us @dorksonahill in your stories and show us what you're up to)

We've put the official 'How-To' right here for anyone who particularly likes to get into the details of a how-to, but as we said, it's probably best to just go ahead and download it and have a play about.

How to use the what3words app
Download PDF • 4.54MB

What are you waiting for, now you know, get planning your next Incredible Adventure. Need some help to get started? Well come on down into the adventure planning rabbit hole!

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