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It's a new year. What's next?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Here we are, in 2020, and although sure my childhood vision of the future hasn't materialised, I have started the year feeling very reflective, and absolutely grateful. Grateful because, as far as we have documented anyway, there is no doubt that we are alive in the most brilliant, abundant, and richest world that has ever existed. Like, the fact I'm sitting here, with my feet up, writing a blog, is just ridiculous. I would seem like a total alien to my great-grandparents. Reflective because last year was one of, if not the most turbulent and perspective changing years of my life so far.

With this in mind, I feel an immense pressure to, well, make the most of it. Which is why the start of the new year has got me thinking. It's obviously the time to start penning those resolutions, and making plans for the coming year.

I was reading just the other day about how setting such goals can make us feel like failures if we don't live up to them, and how instead we should consider 'setting our intentions', I mean, to me that sounds like a load of crap, what, so at the end of the year you can look back and say, "wow what a year of intending to do stuff, gee whiz lets intend some more". Come on now. Honestly. I think this level of shirking accountability is just, well, dumb. It all comes down to perception of "failure", because that's what it's about isn't it, it's "it's okay, don't set hard and fast targets and you won't fail, and actually even if you don't succeed, you still intended to succeed, and that's what you set out to do, so actually, hey man, you did succeed".

ba. low. nee.

The problem is the perception of non-achievement, oh so you didn't run a marathon this year? what, and you said in January you would? Oh My God, you are the dumbest, most terrible person I know. How could you. Why did you go and say all those things in January, and now look at you. You didn't run a marathon, your job sucks, your children hate you.

See here's the thing; fuck that guy.

Not achieving your goal, means shit. Why? because there's a bajillion reasons why it didn't happen, but do you know what's actually cool. Is you sat there and had an idea of what direction you're going to point that ship of yours. Look, if there's one thing that 14xnominated academy award mega movie Titanic taught me, it's that drawing French girls seems like a worthwhile hobby. But the second one thing it taught me, is that ships hit things and sink. Just like your dreams buddy boy. Actually, this is exactly why, of all the ships that have sunk, and all the tragedies on the sea, Titanic is the one lodged in our consciousness. Because, Titanic is more than a boat, it's the manifestation of an idea, a dream, an ambition, it embodies the human pursuit of brilliance; just like Icarus. I have no actual knowledge about Icarus, other than a stupid little song they had us singing in Junior school "Icarus, flew too near the Sun, I can tell you, it wasn't much stuff." Apparently the glue on his wings melted because he flew too close to the sun, which lead him to fall to his death (honestly I'm sure there's more to it than that, but that's my stuff). Which is remarkably similar to the story of Titanic. Like, it's the same story.

So here we are, after a hefty tangent into strange stories; it's okay I will now proceed to wrap it up. Look. I'm sure most of us have pretty mundane ideas about what a cool new years resolution is, and probably the pursuit of that idea won't lead you to crash into an iceberg, or fly so close to the sun that your wings melt, so why not just set yourself up for it and just fucking do it. Honestly, just fuck off and get on with it. Even if there are those people who at the end of the year have a dig because "ooooh you said you'd dthe 3 peaks, or ooooh someone didn't do a triatholon, or ooooh still not lost that weight" Well as I said before, Fuck that guy.

In the pursuit, we can share what might be. It's the pursuit that uncovers potenial. So please, do whatever, but please, none of this, intention stuff. Peruse. No wait dammit. Pursue.

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