Post-Script: Chalkie Talkie | Ep #5

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Post-Script notes for anyone who wants to jump a bit deeper into the topics we discussed in Episode 5

Yoga | In this episode Jordan explained how by doing a daily yoga routine in the morning he felt better set for the day, and maybe obviously, his flexibility was improving. The App Jordan has been using is called Down Dog, which as he explains has various personalisation settings, from your general experience of Yoga and what you would like to focus on, to choosing the theme of the background music and even choosing the voice of the instructor. I downloaded the app and gave it a whirl and of all the yoga apps I've tried in the past, it is actually very good, however as such, it does cost (you get a free 15 day trial no card details needed), plus if you hold off from purchasing immediately, you'll get a really huge discount for an annual membership, around £11.

Weight Gain | I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has put of some lbs, after 3 national lockdowns, and Christmas, I feel like it's been unavoidable. I feel really good, and well it's pretty cold anyways so the extra layer is fine for now. Just for some context, I hopped on the scales for the first time since early December, and I genuinely thought I had probably lost around half a stone, and in actual fact, I've gained nearly double that! January is always a good month to kick-start the year and set / work towards your fitness goals. For me, I just get out and run more, but it's always that easy for people, you can find loads on information here from the NHS on healthy eating/living.

Going Veggie | Towards the end of the episode, Jordan discusses how he has taken on a vegetarian diet and how he feels this has improved not only his general mood, but also the attention to detail spent of cooking and preparing meals. The two documentaries he mentioned are:


I'll keep you updated with any recipes we find particularly useful for hiking / camping.

I think that's about it for Episode 5 but if you'd like to ask any follow up's or suggest future content for the podcast, just say hello, DMs are always open.

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