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Stretch with Adam | Yoga & Hiking...

Updated: Jan 14

At the backend of last year I posted about using yoga and stretching to overcome knee pain, and at this moment something clicked. I've enjoyed yoga for many years, but more recently have been really deepening my knowledge, and recently geared up as a yoga instructor.

I have a really specific idea of how Yoga can support people achieve specific performance and movement goals, you can find out more about my approach here. Hiking, whilst not a high-intensity activity, should not be approached without taking good care of your body, and preparing it the best way you can. Yoga and hiking are both activities that can have a positive impact on both the body and the mind. Combining the two can lead to even greater benefits, as yoga can help to prepare the body for hiking and can also aid in recovery afterwards. Let's explore how practicing yoga can improve your hiking experience, and I'll give you a few useful yoga poses to try before hitting the trails.

One of the key benefits of yoga