Supporting Youth into Climbing.

Throughout this lockdown we've been trying to find a way to celebrate and support the climbing community. It's not secret that the industry has struggled as have many others through lockdown restrictions.

Not only this, but young people have also faced challenges of their own, from economic turmoil and uncertainty around finances, it's understandable that for many, entering a new sport simply isn't viable. With upfront costs relatively high in climbing we're concerned that young people will be discouraged and miss out on the multiple physical and mental benefits of taking up climbing.

This is why we are Crowdfunding for ONE 6 week Beginner Youth course, facilitated by Avid Climbing Gym here in Suffolk.

If you're wondering "well, why just one?", the answer is simple, you have to start somewhere, the first step is always the hardest to overcome, but what will be awesome, is seeing where this first step takes us.

Back in 2014, we as a group, took a first step on Mt. Snowdon, we could never have guessed that 7 years later we would host a blog, summitted mountains in Europe and Africa, and well, be here right now doing this! If after this first one, nothing more comes from it, then that's still awesome, we and you, would have kickstarted a young persons adventure into climbing, sparking a lifetime of enjoyment they otherwise may never have had.

If we go over our £60 target, all money will be used to fund other youth courses, or kit etc.

So come on and join us, and together let's make something pretty cool happen.

You'll find the JustGiving Page by clicking right here!

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