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In Review: OEX Phoxx 1 v2 Tent

Updated: Jan 14

Keen to start taking on longer trails, we needed to kit ourselves out with a lightweight and fairly weather proof tent. Based on price, and our very mediocre knowledge on these things, we went for the OEX Phoxx 1 v2.

First Impressions

Before heading out up the hills, we gave them a test run in the garden; they went up no trouble, and the poles have an extremely satisfying clickety clack, almost self-assembly, way about them. Super easy to put up, in the garden at least, and also just as important, packed down into their small bag with ease. The whole thing weighs in at 1.5kg, and with some gentle persuading, fit into my 35L backpack horizontally no problem.

Putting it to the test

Confident enough after the garden test-run, off to the Peak District we went; sure enough, easily enough, both went up with no issues. One thing which could potentially be an issue however, is you need to assemble the inner part of the tent, before the fly sheet, so in the rain this would be a proper mare. I have since, been a nerd, and packed the tent in such a way that it will unroll with the fly sheet laying on top and partly attached, to minimise any rain getting onto the inside of the tent, but I don't think there is any way of getting the tent up in the rain without it getting pretty wet inside.

The tent held up well against the elements up on a windy and rainy Bleaklow (as one passing rambler exclaimed "it's called BLEAK for a reason!"); no leaks, no water ingress, it was a solid performance, even when the wind came in strong and direct in some moments. The tent provide excellent ventilation and even the condensation was minimal.

A close call

Now, there isn't a great deal of space inside, however there was enough room to manoeuvre at 2am, into a really unflattering situation where I had to invent an emergency toilet. This was a stressful. The storm outside would have just wrecked both me, and the inside of my tent. Fortunately I had a water bottle which literally was just big enough.

Final thoughts

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with the performance of the OEX Phoxx 1 V2 tent. It's reliable, easy to set up, and most importantly, it kept me dry and comfortable all night. If you're looking for a tent that can handle the elements and keep you safe and dry, then I would highly recommend the OEX Phoxx 1 V2. It has an amazing price point too, under £60.

Thanks OEX for the fantastic product, I'll be sure to make use of it many more times in the future.


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