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The w3w 24hr Adventure Challenge

Today marks the launch of global location app What 3 Words first National Campaign in the UK, #knowexactlywhere. The #knowexactlywhere campaign showcases the app alongside the Emergency Services who utilise What3Words to save lives.

We've been using the app for just over a year now, and *touch wood* we've never had to use it in an emergency situation. What we do use it for though is sharing awesome finds with each other.

From climbing spots, to riverside views, w3w is the easiest way to share a precise location; great for meeting up in the forest, or on the beach.

The w3w 24hr Adventure Challenge.

Ah, yeah that. To support the #knowexactlywhere campaign, w3w tasked us to come up with some ideas on how we could promote the app. We could have, popped up a few photos and joined in with the hashtag... but that didn't seem like much fun. So we pitched the idea of the w3w 24hr Adventure Challenge, and well, here we are. We can't wait to kick it off, firstly because it will be a lot of fun, but also because it will be the first time we share an adventure live through social media. We want to bring you along with us, and you'll be able to follow the entire challenge on both Instagram and Twitter. We'll be sharing tonnes of videos throughout the day, and you'll be able to catch the highlights on the w3w socials too! (more details will come out through the week, but you can expect, climbing, waterfalls, mountains, handstands and pretty much anything else in-between). But not only that, we want you to join in too by sharing your adventurous photos using the w3w app. Whether it's a handstand in the garden, a walk through the forest, a hike up a mountain, or a stroll along the river. We want these 24hrs to be the most adventure packed hours as possible and we need your help to do it, so download the app, try out the photo function (which can share direct to social media) and get ready to join in on Friday.

We've put this guide to using the app for you here - How to Use What3Words

Join in with the hashtags #knowexactlywhere and #KEWadventurechallenge and we'll share your adventures throughout the day too!

If you don't already; make sure we're connected on Instagram and / or Twitter

We're using this challenge to raise money and awareness for Mountain Rescue England & Wales, an incredible group of volunteers, putting their own lives at risk on an almost daily basis. Help us reach our £500 target and visit our Just Giving page; linked here.

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