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YouTube cured my 'Hikers Knee'

Yes. Surprisingly I found videos on YouTube which didn't include Andrew Tate telling me I'm broke and that I need a Bugatti. Fortunately for me the ones I did find just so happened to give me loads of ideas to cure my newly developed 'hikers knee'. I have no idea if it's actually called Hikers Knee, and probably just like Tennis Elbow, it can be caused by a bunch of things, probably even playing tennis. Anyway, I'd never suffered with knee pain whilst out on the peaks before, until May of this year, we had set off for a couple of days trekking about the Peak District, and after a night camping up near Lost Lad, we began to descend towards Derwent Damn. It was at this moment I knew my life was over. A twinge. A wince inducing twang. on every. bloody. step. down. I had entered the world of the knee pain sufferers; with both Kinder Scout and Mam Tor ahead of us, I knew this was going to be a pain in the balls (well, knee) of a weekend.

I couldn't figure out why, which really annoyed me, I felt in the best shape of my life, cardio is okay, so why now? Well I guess I'll never know really, and it isn't all that important, in the end I put it down to increased time spent bouldering, and having never hiked with considerable weight in a backpack, nor had I hiked multiple peaks over a 24 hour period either.


Again, using the power of YouTube, and several images of the muscle anatomy found on Google - I decided I had a tight T-Band. If you had asked me 3 months ago what the T in T-Band was short for, I feel like I would have been able to tell you, however for now we're just rolling with T-Band. The T-Band, so I've learned, is a tendon which is attached at one end to your knee, and at the other to the hip / butt / glute med. The sultry model below is showing off the area you'd find your T-Band perfectly (although I'm not sure why she has her feet on the cupboard).

The interesting thing I found, was that the knee pain was not really all that much to do with the knee itself, and instead had all that much to do with having a toit as a toiger glute / hip. YES! I thought to myself, I'm not 'just getting older', although I am doing that, but being old is not the cause of my knee pain.

The Cure

With a diagnosis established, I now needed the cure, and once Robert Smith had reminded me that Boys Don't Cry, I instead searched for A cure; and I found two, incredibly useful, YouTube Channels, of which I would recommend you check out and subscribe to if you don't already. I've popped in a couple of 'knee pain' specific videos below, but their channels both a an enormous depth of knowledge and entertainment...

1. Chase Mountains

2. Hoopers Beta